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Battery Operated Wireless Wall Sconces

Introduce unique beautiful lighting into your home or business with the ease of hanging a picture. These wireless wall sconces combine style, convenience and flexibility, allowing decorative creativity and practicality to shine in any room.
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Choose from the Variety
• Three exciting versions – EZ Sconce™, Smart Sconce™ and Ambiance Sconce™
• A variety of colors and textures, sizes and styles
• Flexibility to match any décor or atmosphere
• Remote-control option

Enjoy the Convenience
• Battery-operated* – No electrical wiring
• Easily Installed – Hanging as easily as a picture, with no drilling, cutting and restoration work
• Mobile – Light weight and flexible, easily moved
• Cost-Effective – No expensive electrician bills and ongoing utility costs

Bathe in the Ambiance
• Casual Comfort
• Color Enhancement
• Elegant Accents
• Changing Moods