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Single-Tier Chandeliers
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Chandeliers- 1 Tier

Chandeliers can be described in many different ways such as their Finish, Design, up-cast or down-cast, Size, or in the case of this section, we’ve separated out all of our 1-Tier Chandeliers. So if you’re looking for a Dining Room Chandelier or a Contemporary Chandelier for a smaller place, like a Kitchen, then you probably want a single-tier Chandelier. Many of the most popular Dining Room Chandeliers are single-tier fixtures. We have our 500 Chandeliers in our 1-Tier Chandelier lighting section. With so many Contemporary Chandeliers and classic Chandeliers, you are sure to find the one you’re looking for. Ceiling Fans also make a great Dining Room Fixture as well as a great fixture over your Kitchen table.