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LittleFootprint Lighting

Introducing the HeronLED Personal Task Light. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and ergonomically designed for the workplace, hospitality, and home office environments. The HeronLED Personal Task Light is the only LED-based desk lamp made in the USA from recycled e-waste.

LED light source uses a fraction of the energy used by incandescent and CFL bulbs.
LOWERS COSTS. Immediate savings on your electric bill. Long life of LEDs (15 years or longer) means lower bulb replacement cost.
GIVES YOU MORE CONTROL. Adjustable design lets user direct comfortable “warm white” light where it’s needed, often requiring less “ambient” lighting and reducing energy use even more.
REDUCES LANDFILL. Made from recycled plastic and steel and designed for easy recycling at end of life. Does NOT contain mercury.
DECREASES CARBON FOOTPRINT OF LIGHTING. Use of recycled materials and manufacturing close to home reduces carbon footprint of manufacturing process; lower energy usage when light is on reduces carbon footprint of the end user.
MADE IN USA means more green jobs at home.
5-YEAR WARRANTY protects your investment.